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We create policies that allow us to provide support in educational processes, thus not only improving the possibilities of a better future for this population, but also curbing child labor and school dropout rates. Contact Us


The work team of the entity (TAYRONACA) and with the support of the national learning service SENA, began a series of technical and complementary courses on topics related to coffee and cocoa crops aimed at the efficient production and business management of the productive units (farms) of our members.

Training of producers and their children by the National Apprenticeship Service – SENA, in the facilities of the Cocoa Collection Center.

Academic training with sena, in phytosanitary control, good agricultural practices, harvesting and post-harvesting of cocoa. Theoretical and practical courses, with seed capital and delivery of inputs for phytosanitary control and cocoa plants.

VEGETABLES – food security project that consists in the production of vegetables for consumption at school or for sale. TAYRONACA delivered seeds for vegetables (cilantro, chili, among others).


The economic development of communities is one of the main determining factors that have a direct impact on their quality of life; therefore, maximizing existing resources, increasing productivity and improving the quality of our products is the only way to achieve sustainable economic development.

Complementary income activities for beekeeping producers

CACAO NURSERY- students, teachers and parents are working on the development of the nurseries and subsequent planting of plants, TAYRONACA has supported the project with the delivery of 2000 plastic bags for cocoa and 2000 cocoa seeds variety FER 5, IMC 67.


Strategies to provide solutions to the different problems of productive, social, logistic and commercial infrastructure, which in the end gives us a true social cohesion aimed at improving the quality of life of the communities in general throughout the region.

TAYRONACA obtained materials and economic resources for the construction of a concrete slab for the bridge that crosses the creek next to the main office in the Cañaveral sector, Pueblo Bello.